Individual Sessions with Dr. Greene.

 Dr. Greene is currently accepting individual clients by phone, Skype, or in-person. These private sessions are usually one hour in length and include an introductory assessment and one-on-one feedback of your personal profile. Dr. Greene will tailor each session according to your needs and often assigns specific exercises to complete, which may include written material, audio programs, and/or watching instructional videos.

Dr. Greene works with competitive athletes, golfers, and gamers at all levels from high-school to professional, as well as with coaches and golf teachers at every level. He is available for private consultation via phone, Skype, or in person in Los Angeles to address your individual concerns and goals.

Speaking Engagements.

 Do you need an expert speaker for your next conference coaching clinic, or teaching summit? Dr. Greene is available for on-site and online presentations and classes covering a variety of topics including: managing adrenaline, focusing strategies, building confidence, strengthening courage, developing mental toughness, and getting in the zone.

Licensing Dr. Greene’s Materials.

Dr. Greene’s cutting-edge materials are available for licensing to, coaches, teachers, teams, academic institutions, researchers, psychologists, counselors, and life coaches to expand their programs, assess students, supplement college courses, and conduct research. The resources available for licensing includes individual assessments, online courses, workbooks, and instructional videos and audios. Dr. Greene can also custom-design programs and assessments for specific classes, groups, or research purposes.

Which Assessments you employ depend on your specialty and goals of the project. There are different online Assessments for athletes, individual and team Esport competitors , golfers, coaches, golf teachers, performing artists, executives, and test-takers.

If you are interested in licensing one of the Assessments, contact Dr. Greene to discuss which options are best suited for your needs.