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Winning in Sports is an online resource where competitive athletes and esport gamers can learn proven strategies and skills for achieving peak performance under extreme pressure. Athletes, gamers, coaches, golfers, and golf teachers can take state-of-the-art, scientific assessments and receive individual profiles of their unique styles, identifying strengths and specific areas for improvement. The Winning in Sports site also offers an array of books, online training courses, and the opportunity to set up one-on-one private consultations with Sports Psychologist, Dr. Don Greene.

Dr. Greene used several of the sports assessments and profiles with athletes and coaches at the US Olympic Training Center in San Diego prior to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Of the track and field athletes who completed the Learning and Competitive Styles Assessments and received feedback on their individual profiles, 14 reached the awards podium in Rio and won medals, including 5 gold by both male and female competitors.


“Dr. Don Greene has had a major impact with our athletes since he began working with them at the Center three years ago. He counseled them in the mental skills needed to win gold medals in National, Olympic, and International Competitions. I highly recommend Dr. Greene’s  individual sport assessments and profiles to help athletes as well as their coaches.”

–R. Craig Poole, Ed.D., former head coach and director of the U.S. Olympic Training Center

How to practice effectively…for just about anything.

We are excited to announce a TED-Ed lesson written by Dr. Don Greene in collaboration with professional musician and former collegiate athlete Annie Bosler. There are some great practice tips in addition to an explanation of what is happening in your body when you practice. Take a look.


Ready for competition?

This list covers important activities for athletes to check off in the last few weeks and days prior to major events. Download the FREE Pre-Performance Checklist for Athletes to be prepared to perform your best in competition when it really counts.


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