Individual Sessions for Coaches and Teachers.

Dr. Greene mentors athletic coaches in all sports, as well as golf teachers, ski instructors, tennis teachers, and race car driving instructors. Over the past 34 years, he has conducted training clinics for the Professional Golfers’ Association of America, the Professional Ski Instructors of America, US Diving, the American Swim Coaches’ Association, US Track and Field, Skip Barber Racing School, and Golf Digest Schools.

Dr. Greene has taught sports psychology to high school and college athletes and teams, as well as professional and Olympic athletes, coaches, and teams. He also taught sports psychology to graduate students at JFK University and National University. Since 1986, he has been conducting pioneering research on athletes’ learning styles and coaches’ teaching styles. This research has resulted in the individual, scientific assessments and profiles for coaches and golf teachers available on this site.  

Getting Started.

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30-Minute Introductory Session and Teaching Styles Assessment for Coaches.

This combination includes the appropriate Assessment paired with a personal consultation with Dr. Greene to validate the results of the individual Assessment. During this 30-minute Skype or phone conversation, Dr. Greene addresses the specific areas needing special attention. In addition to answering questions, he will provide a roadmap of resources for continuing independently at one’s own pace.

Next Session Options.


1 Hour Follow-Up Session for Athletic Coaches.

For competitive athletes, esports gamers, golfers, coaches, or golf teachers who want more information or a better understanding of specific solutions to their individual issues. This 1-hour private session provides the opportunity for an in-depth dialogue with Dr. Greene to reach a  deeper understanding of problem areas, their underlying causes, and practical solutions.


5 Hour Session Package for Athletic Coaches.

For individuals looking to make significant changes and improvements in their performance or facilitating learning, this option provides the opportunity to work with Dr. Greene over an extended period of time. This will allow a deeper exploration of his revolutionary approaches to peak performance and accelerating athletic learning. This package includes the Centering course (valued at $99). Centering is the primary strategy taught by Dr. Greene to help people focus, control their energy, and perform their best under pressure.


10 Hour Session Package for Athletic Coaches.

This package is the one most recommended by Dr. Greene and used by gold medalists from the Games in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Rio, champion race car drivers, Olympic coaches, and highly successful golf teachers. This option provides the opportunity to collaborate very closely with Dr. Greene over considerable time. You will gain a thorough understanding of his revolutionary approach to athletic learning and proven strategies for performing well under extreme pressure. This package includes the Centering course (valued at $99). Centering is the primary strategy taught by Dr. Greene to help people focus, control their energy, and perform their best under pressure.

Individual Session FAQ.

How many sessions will I need?

Each person is different. Dr. Greene can usually determine the number of sessions after you take the appropriate individual Assessment and validate your profile. The average number of sessions per client generally falls between 3-12 sessions.

How will I meet with Dr. Greene?

Dr. Greene is available through phone, Skype, or in-person. Dr. Greene is based in Los Angeles,  California.

Who are Dr. Greene’s clients?

Dr. Greene has a wide variety of clients. He has trained sport competitors, coaches and teams, as well as golf teachers and golf schools. He has helped athletes at every age from 7 to 81, and every level from amateur and junior high school, to college, as well as Olympic and professional sports. He worked with coaches and teachers at the US Olympic Training Center, Golf Digest Schools, Vail Ski School, the American Swim Coaches Association, Skip Barber Racing Schools, and the World Championship Swimming and Diving Teams.

How often will I meet with Dr. Greene?

Sessions are based on your availability and Dr. Greene’s schedule. However, Dr. Greene normally holds sessions with individual clients once per week or a minimum of once every two weeks.

What is expected of me when working with Dr. Greene?

In addition to each private session, Dr. Greene will assign homework in the form of reading, listening to audio programs, watching videos, and completing exercises specifically tailored to your individual needs and goals. You will be expected to complete the assignment(s) prior to the next session.

With what age and level of client does Dr. Greene work?

Dr. Greene works with both amateurs and professionals alike. The minimum age is 13 years old. Dr. Greene has worked with clients in their 80’s.

What is the process to start sessions with Dr. Greene?

You can contact Dr. Greene through the contact form on this website. If you are an athlete, gamer, or golfer, you can request a link to purchase the appropriate Assessment to complete before a 30 minute, private consultation with Dr. Greene by Skype or phone. In this session, he will validate your individual competitive or learning profile, discuss your questions, and outline potential courses of action for you to take to improve your sports learning and/or performance under competitive pressure.

If you are a coach, golf teacher, or team administrator, you can inquire about a 10-minute complimentary Skype session or phone call to discuss your interests or those of your athletes, team, or students.

What if I am in a different state or country?

Dr. Greene works with clients from all around the world via phone or Skype. The only consideration is factoring in the differences in time zones.

What is Dr. Greene's cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel and appointment with Dr. Greene, please do so within 24 hours of the appointment. If a cancellation is made in less than 24 hours of the appointment, Dr. Greene is not required to make-up this appointment nor issue a refund.